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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Everything Must Come To An End Podcast

Otto's Daughter started out as a studio project and became a band in the early 2000's, released four full length albums and two EP's. We've had some great times touring the US, opening for and playing with bands we love and admire, met cool people, made new friends, got to work with great venues, promoters, musicians, producers and mixers and are forever grateful for the experience.

While this has not been an easy decision, we both feel this is the right thing to do to keep our integrity. It's time to let this chapter go and move on. 

Thank you all so much for your love and support and for being part of the adventure. I'm sure both of us will pursue other projects in the future. Stay in touch!

Otto's Daughter
  1. Onto The Next One

Album "ARC OF A DREAM" Pre-Sale 

Completion never felt so good. The album that took us forever to make is about to be released in physical form, just in time to decorate your christmas tree!  15 tracks including "BeautyFool", "Dangerous" and "Prison Walls"! Order your copy now along with our new T-shirt's, and signed 11x17 poster!  Pre-sale ends December 15th! Package goes out on the 16th!

Giving Thanks! 

Nothing feels better than stepping on that stage, rocking out to an enthusiastic crowd; it doesn't matter if it's 5 people or 500! It's always a big rock show! Feeling and sharing that energy during a live show is pricesless.
Nothing is more liberating than being on the road, seeing new places, meeting new people, making new friends, discovering cool new bands. It's not as glamarous as it sounds, but at the end of the day, it's so worth it!  We are GRATEFUL for being able to do music and sharing it with YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


New album available for you exclusive on our site only! Everyone who purchases the album from our site will get the Itunes version, which will be released next week for free! The Itunes version will be a remastered version.


Onto The Next! 

Time to get rid of all the old post and start fresh... It's been a strange year so far, while we're busy in the studio, everything seems to be moving snail speed as life sometimes throws stones in your way and you've got to do several detours before being fully back on track. 

But that's life!

What's new?

Our single "Onto The Next One" is now available exclusively to our fans right here on our site. The official Itunes release will be October 15th. If you purchase the single before the official release you'll get a special remix of the track for FREE. ;)

Getting back to rocking the stage.....we've had a  great time this summer doing a Quickass Tour with our friends I AM DEMURE, rocking Portland and Chico with our buddies Robbie Black on drums and Garrison Fagro on guitar. Thank you guys for joining us on the road.

Back in LA, did our debut at Molly Mallones and are now getting ready to return to one of our favorite local spots in town.....
Bar Sinister joining Pui Ritual from NYC.



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